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北京赛车平台:Chinese businessmen Zhang Boye: US stocks hit "Black Monday" short-term correction is expected to open up the revenue space

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内容摘要: Warren Buffett's teacher Benjamin Graham once said that getting along with the stock market is like having a partner with manic depression....

Warren Buffett's teacher Benjamin Graham once said that getting along with the stock market is like having a partner with manic depression. This is not the right world Bank When the "conclusion that the current global sentiment index has reached the highest point and the situation in 2018 is expected to be better than 2017" was reached, the "Black Monday" US stock market suddenly came out, leaving the global market unprepared.

On February 5, US stocks evaporated over $ 1 trillion in value on a single day, with the Dow Jones Industrial Average and the S \u0026 P 500 setting the biggest decline since August 2011. Overnight in Europe, Asia-Pacific stock markets were not Xin, the German DAX Index, the FTSE 100 index, the French Paris CAC40 index fell more than 2%, the Nikkei 225 Index, Hong Kong Hang Seng Index fell over 4%, A shares Hu Zhi also fell over 3%.

Will this be the best period since the financial crisis? US stocks why "flash collapse"? Where to go after the plunge? Become the focus of everyone's attention.

"From the perspective of valuation, the over-expected increase in the US labor market data triggered market concerns about inflation and the interest rate of , which really did impact the current low valuation of US stocks." Chinese Business Fund Strategist Zhang Bo Wei Said that at a higher valuation level and a larger cumulative floating surplus, investors are vulnerable to some of the valuation-level disturbances, including the rapid upward risk-free rate hike. Coupled with the trend of the programmatic follow-up transaction , Easily lead to negative feedback caused by panic market.

But according to Zhang Bowei's analysis, the sharp fluctuations in short-term valuation should not change the long-term logic of continuous improvement of corporate profits in the United States. Judging from the data of the US labor market, the improvement of the economy is obviously exceeding market expectations. From the Federal Reserve's guidance of and the recent position statement, there is also strong confidence in the sustainability of subsequent economic growth. Zhang Bowei said: "In the context of steady economic growth in the United States, the stock market can still be used as a quality asset with absolute return, short-term overshoot or further opening this year's revenue space." 7 Zhang Bo Wei view, with the United States market , A-share market has continued its earnings driven logic since 2016. Currently, the weighted index represented by CSI 300 is still at a low level, while the horizontal type is still undervalued compared with other major markets. It is estimated that in the context of steady macroeconomic growth, there is a lower probability that the valuation of A-share market will shrink in 2018. Judging from the profit-making point of view, there is room for certain gains throughout the year and short-term callbacks may make the market more investment-worthy.

Specific to the industry configuration, Zhang Bo Wei said that the financial real estate and some cyclical varieties with lower valuation, higher profit certainty properties, it is recommended to pay attention to the relevant plate investment opportunities.





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